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× ENTRY COURSE: Levels I and II
The Entry Level Course is designed to provide a simple, fun and interactive step-by-step guide for beginners, or those with no formal singing training. 6 modules will give you a solid foundation and general singing knowledge:
  • How your voice operates and works;
  • Demonstrations and instructions on how to correctly breathe when you are singing;
  • What vocal type are you, e.g. Bass, Baritone, Tenor (male) or Contralto, Alto, Soprano (female);
  • How to select the right song to complement your voice;
  • How to work through and break down a song for maximum singing effectiveness, including correct execution and interpretation;
  • 28 different vocal scales designed to teach you a wide range of new vocal skills, which will make you a better singer and achieve results fast;
  • General vocal care and correct warm-up techniques;
  • Your practice regimen - what to do and how long for;
  • What to and not to eat and drink;
  • Stage presentation;
  • Microphone technique.
We guarantee that upon completion of the full Entry course you will:
  • Feel stronger;
  • Have more vocal stamina;
  • Have your singing range expanded, both higher and lower;
  • Gain confidence;
  • Have more control over notes;
  • Have obtained basic diaphragmatic breath control and support techniques;
  • Able to change from true voice to falsetto;
  • Learn basic stage presentation;
  • Learn microphone technique.
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