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  The Advanced Course is designed to provide a fun and interactive step-by-step guide for the more confident or advanced singers wanting to expand their arsenal of vocal techniques, knowledge, and to take their voice to the next level. 3 modules contain the following:
  • 25 different vocal scales each focusing on more in depth and advanced techniques;
  • 8 Advanced VBC (Vocal Breath Control) scales - each designed to focus on using your diaphragm to gain ultimate control, power, projection, support and vibrato;
  • Correct use of mixed or blended voice;
  • How to use vibrato;
  • Rhythm and timing training;
  • How to sing with distortion safely;
  • Performance and tour preparation;
  • How to sing safely with a cold or flu;
  • Advanced pitch and ear training;
  • Advanced stage presentation, microphone technique and crowd interaction;
  • How to break down a song for maximum singing effectiveness, including execution and interpretation of songs;
  • Advanced warm-up techniques;
  • Guidance on choosing advanced songs to complement your voice.
We guarantee that upon completion of the full advanced course your voice will have:
  • Great strength;
  • Increased vocal range;
  • Possess greater vocal power;
  • Greater control when projecting;
  • Control over notes and transitions;
  • Great stamina;
  • The ability to hear and distinguish pitch;
  • Knowledge regarding vocal health and safety;
  • Understanding of vocal distortion techniques;
  • Awareness of the physical condition of your voice;
  • Great vocal note precision and transitions;
  • Extended harmony knowledge;
  • Great stage presence and crowd interaction.
  • Great microphone technique
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