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The Entry Level Course is designed to provide a simple, fun and interactive step-by-step guide for beginners, or those with no formal singing training.

6 modules will give you a solid foundation and general singing knowledge:

  • How your voice operates and works;
  • Demonstrations and instructions on how to correctly breathe when you are singing;
  • What vocal type are you, e.g. Bass, Baritone, Tenor (male) or Contralto, Alto, Soprano (female);
  • How to select the right song to complement your voice;
  • How to work through and break down a song for maximum singing effectiveness, including correct execution and interpretation;
  • 28 different vocal scales designed to teach you a wide range of new vocal skills, which will make you a better singer and achieve results fast;
  • General vocal care and correct warm-up techniques;
  • Your practice regimen – what to do and how long for;
  • What to and not to eat and drink;
  • Stage presentation;
  • Microphone technique.

We guarantee that upon completion of the full Entry course you will:

  • Feel stronger;
  • Have more vocal stamina;
  • Have your singing range expanded, both higher and lower;
  • Gain confidence;
  • Have more control over notes;
  • Have obtained basic diaphragmatic breath control and support techniques;
  • Able to change from true voice to falsetto;
  • Learn basic stage presentation;
  • Learn microphone technique.



Module 1

Total duration – 34 minutes
Scales duration – 12 minutes

  • How the voice works
  • Simple tips and ground rules for singing
  • Correct breathing and posture when singing
  • Breathing exercises
  • Explanation of the different registers (chest, middle, head voice and falsetto) and ranges (bass, baritone, tenor for males; contralto, alto, soprano for females)
  • Vocal care, health and general well­being
  • How Long to Practice for And When and where
  • What your workout and regime should be
  • Vocal warm­-ups and cool-downs
  • Your 1st singing/vocal scales workout consisting of 2 scales


Module 2

Total duration – 31 minute
Scales duration – 11 minutes

  • Working out precisely what your natural range is and choosing songs that best suit your voice
  • Guidance on picking out songs and keys to best suit your vocal range
  • Preparing and practising your songs correctly
  • What to drink and not drink
  • Level I, Module 2 scales workout consisting of 5 different scales


Module 3

Total duration – 14 minutes
Scales duration – 10 minutes

  • Guidance on Picking out 2nd and 3rd Song choices
  • What to Eat and When (beginner)
  • Preparing for your beginner examination
  • Level I, Module 3 scales Workout consisting of 5 different scales




Module 1

Total duration – 13 minutes
Scales duration – 10 minutes

  • Your Regime and Practice Schedule for Level II
  • Song Interpretation And Execution
  • Your physical regime and general health
  • Level II, Module 1 scales workout consisting of 5 different scales


Module 2

Total duration – 1 hour 3 minutes
Scales duration – 17 minutes

  • Entry level stage presentation
  • Working through and breaking down an entry level song, 1st lesson
  • Working through and breaking down an entry level song, 2nd lesson
  • Level II, Module 2 scales workout consisting of 5 different scales


Module 3

Total duration – 17 minutes
Scales duration – 13 minutes

  • Microphone technique and movement
  • Correct holding & grips of the microphone
  • Preparing for your Entry level II examination
  • Level II, Module 3 scales workout consisting of 6 different scales

Grand Total Entry Course Duration – 2 hours 51 minutes
Grand Total Entry Course Scales Duration – 1 hour 13 minutes

After completing all 6 modules in this Entry course your voice should feel stronger, you should have more stamina in your voice, be able to sing higher and lower than you previously could, have more confidence and control over your voice, better breath control and support, know the difference in placement when changing between the true voice and falsetto registers. You will acquire basic stage presentation, microphone technique and movement. Will be able to sing beginner to intermediate songs to a good level.

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