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The Intermediate Course is designed to provide an interactive step-by-step guide for those with basic or formal vocal training, or those wanting to take their voice to the next level.

6 modules contain a wealth of important singing information, including:

  • 43 different vocal scales designed to teach you a wide range of new vocal skills;
  • 4 VBC (Vocal Breath Control) scales, each designed to focus on using your diaphragm to gain ultimate control, power, projection, support and vibrato;
  • How to sing safely with a cold or flu;
  • Harmonies. How to do them and where to use them;
  • Pitch and ear training;
  • Intermediate stage presentation;
  • Microphone technique;
  • Crowd interaction;
  • How to work through and breakdown a song for maximum singing effectiveness, including execution and interpretation of songs;
  • Intermediate health and vocal care;
  • Intermediate warm-up scale techniques;
  • Your intermediate practice regimen – what to do and how long for;
  • Guidance on choosing the best intermediate songs for your voice.

We guarantee that upon completion of this course your voice will have:

  • Increased vocal strength;
  • Increased vocal power;
  • Increased vocal projection;
  • Increased stamina;
  • Greater diaphragmatic breath control and support of notes;
  • Improved vocal note precision and transitions;
  • Knowledge of vocal health and safety;
  • Thorough microphone techniques;
  • Stage presence;
  • Understanding of harmonies and how to use them.



Module 1

Total duration – 33 minutes
Scales duration – 29 minutes

  • Intermediate vocal warm-ups and cool-downs;
  • Practice regime for your intermediate scales, songs, when and where to practice;
  • Specifically designed intermediate warm-up technique;
  • Posture and movement during your singing workout;
  • Level I, Module 1 scales workout – 8 singing scales.


Module 2

Total duration – 42 minutes
Scales duration – 39 minutes

  • Choosing and preparing intermediate songs that best suit your voice;
  • Intermediate microphone technique;
  • Level I, Module 2 scales workout – 8 different scales;
  • Intermediate pitching and ear training scales.


Module 3

Total duration – 50 minutes
Scales duration – 35 minutes

  • Intermediate stage presentation;
  • The 3 most important factors when singing a song explained;
  • Breaking down and working through an intermediate song;
  • Level I, Module 3 scales workout consisting of 8 different scales;
  • Correct diaphragmatic breathing techniques;
  • Level I, Module 3 scale – VBC (vocal breath control);
  • Preparing for your Intermediate Course: Level I examination.



Module 1

Total duration – 35 minutes
Scales duration – 27 minutes

  • Correct holding of the microphone, grips and using the microphone stand;
  • Intermediate cold and flu management;
  • Intermediate physical exercise regime for singers;
  • Intermediate level II diaphragmatic breathing techniques;
  • Level II, Module 1 scales workout – 6 different scales;
  • Intermediate level II, Module 1 VBC (vocal breath control) scale.


Module 2

Total duration – 46 minutes
Scales duration – 33 minutes

  • Explanation of difference between a backing vocal and harmony;
  • Harmonies, how and where to use them;
  • The difference between a vowel and lyric harmony, and where to use them;
  • 2 specifically designed harmony scales;
  • Crowd interaction and connecting with the audience;
  • Level II, Module 2 scales workout – 7 different scales;
  • Level II, Module 2- VBC (vocal breath control) scale.


Module 3

Total duration – 56 minutes
Scales duration – 47 minutes

  • Working through and breaking down an intermediate song;
  • The importance of diaphragmatic support and control;
  • Level II, Module 3 scales workout – 6 different scales;
  • Level II, Module 3 VBC (vocal breath control) scale;
  • Intermediate pitch and ear training scales;
  • Preparing for your Intermediate Course: Level II examination.

Grand Total Intermediate Course Duration – 4 hours 22 minutes
Grand Total Intermediate Course Scales Duration – 3 hours 30 minutes

After completing these 6 intermediate courses you should develop a lot more strength, power, projection, stamina; be able to hold and support long notes very well, better control movement from one note to the next. Should develop techniques and know-how regarding singing when you are sick or just not feeling well. Acquire good understanding of microphone technique and stage presentation, of harmonies and where to use them. Very good vocal breathing, singing breath control and general confidence in your vocal abilities – to sing and present intermediate songs within your range to a very good standard.

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